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In this example, sets and calculated fields are working together with set actions for Category and Sub-Categories to update the viz based on what marks are selected. When a user clicks a category, its subcategories are displayed. When a user clicks a subcategory, its manufacturers are displayed. Let your audience select what values are in a set by directly interacting with marks on a viz. You can use set actions to visually drive calculations and create visualizations with multi-faceted comparative analysis like proportional brushing.

Now, you’ll receive an email notification if something caused your subscription to fail, with links to resume or delete the failing alert. Ask Data introduces an entirely new way to interact with your data, letting you type a question and instantly get a response right in Tableau. Answers come in the form of automatic data visualizations, with no need to manually drag-and-drop fields or understand the nuances of your data’s structure. , the Phone layout becomes fully independent, so you’ll need to manually add and arrange items to reflect changes to the Default dashboard. For the first time, you can specify the precise target for a URL action, choosing between a new browser tab or a Web Page object.

Directly access flat files on your Google Drive using the Google Drive connector. Use the Azure SQL Data Warehouse connector to connect Tableau to your Azure SQL Data Warehouse database. Alerts created prior to 2019.2 are not visible to others, but can be updated to be. To learn more, see Send Data-Driven Alerts from Tableau Online or Tableau Server. When you explore or author a visualization in Tableau Online or Tableau Server, the left navigation panel disappears to give you more space for analysis.

  • also supports the quick upload of CSV and other file types to the cloud database.
  • This way, you can group unstructured data based on text fields, labels, topis, or hierarchy.
  • offers a range of affordable pricing plans, you should consider the limitations that come with each plan.
  • Its cloud database runs on Amazon Web Services and SQL Server and adheres to strict security, performance, and compliance requirements.
  • One exciting feature is the Zenkit Wiki view which allows users to create a knowledge base from corporate data in a form similar to Wikipedia.

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If a dashboard has multiple Web Page objects, you can target each of them with a unique URL action, creating visually dynamic designs. And managing multiple Web Page objects is far easier now that you can rename them. With Tableau Desktop 2019.1, the nested sort feature has received a significant upgrade. New capabilities of nested sort include sorting on two axes, accessing nested sort through the sort dialog, and selecting a single field to perform a nested sort on. Use the MariaDB connector to connect Tableau to your MariaDB data.

Help layout and navigation, such as table of contents placement and breadcrumbs, have been updated to create a more consistent cross-product help experience. When you subscribe to a view or a workbook, you receive an email snapshot of that content at regular intervals.

and that use a database driver that implements the JDBC standard. You can configure you extract to have its data stored in multiple tables. Storing your extract data in multiple tables can potentially improve performance and help reduce the file size. For more information, see Decide how the extract data should be stored. Search results within the product help have been expanded to include results for all Tableau products and help articles.

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The compact header allows you to navigate through project hierarchy, search the site, and access your favorites as needed. page, where you can see all the content on your site in one place. The navigation panel is responsive to screen sizes and can be collapsed to give you optimal space for browsing. On Home, you can see visualizations you recently viewed, find your newest favorite content, and discover what’s popular on your site, all in one place. The welcome banner and actions at the top of the page are tailored to your site role to help you get started.

For more information Additional resources. Here is a final version of Internet Explorer 11 for Windows PC on the status bar, see Status Bar Information. Now in web authoring, you can create parameters to replace constant values in calculations, filters, and reference lines. When you hover over continuous measures at left, histograms appear in tooltips, quickly showing the range of available values.

When creating or editing a view on the web, you can change the aggregation of a field using the drop field menu. Just right-click+drag (on macOS, left-click+Option+drag) a field on any card or shelf like rows, columns, or Filters, and select the aggregation type you need. This drops the field onto the card or shelf with the aggregation you selected. The status bar in the lower left corner of your browser shows authors information about their view, including selected marks compares to total marks, rows and columns, and aggregations.

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